Digital Crumble

Crumbly on the outside, sweet and squishy inside. An attempt to bake sense into my online wanderings.

Dec 31
“After all these years, I cannot forget - his face pudgy, more fair than dark, moustache, white shirt, briefcase in hand, big belly, must have been about 40. Old enough to be my father. I remember he had walked into me - or pretended to - and while I struggled with the shock of what he’d been doing under the guise of walking into me, he calmly walked past… just a regular uncle-ji hurrying home after a hard day at work. What did I do?
Nothing. I kept walking on, beside my brother…. My 17-year old brother who might have picked a fight if I’d told him…. What could I have told him?… It was too late anyway. The crowds had swallowed all of us up so completely.”
Freein My Mind: Daily Harassment faced by Women in India

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Stephanie Booth. Stephanie Booth is a freelance internet geek who lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. Digital Crumble is where she dumps all sorts of interesting stuff she finds online.

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