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Jul 23
“Almost everything normalises. Grief, wealth, love. Eventually it will all feel normal. Don’t let the feeling of ‘normal’ hide the value of what’s in front of you.”

Thirty Things I’ve Learned — Nick Crocker — Medium


“Be genuinely curious. You can’t artificially generate curiosity, so you have to follow where yours actually leads. Curiosity ends up being the driving force behind the most interesting people.” Thirty Things I’ve Learned — Nick Crocker — Medium

“Always take the stairs. There’ll be plenty of days where you can’t, so accept the opportunity to take the stairs as a gift and make a deposit into your Future Health account.” Thirty Things I’ve Learned — Nick Crocker — Medium

Jul 22
“Sébastien Fanti met en garde: si en tant que telle la publication n’est pas «excessive», les commentaires de colère à l’égard du tueur pourraient valoir des ennuis à leurs auteurs.” Drame de Belmont: Le nom du meurtrier de Chloé publié sur Facebook - Vaud & Régions -

“Sur le réseau social, la révélation du nom est saluée, le bourreau insulté. Vingt-quatre heures passent et le nom reste exposé à la vue de tous. Qu’en dire du point de vue légal? «C’est une atteinte au droit de la personnalité du défunt», explique Sébastien Fanti, avocat, spécialiste des nouvelles technologies et préposé ad interim à la protection des données du canton du Valais. Qui poursuit: «On comprend les sentiments de révolte qu’éprouve cette famille. Mais il faudrait vraiment supprimer cette publication qui jette l’opprobre sur la famille du tueur.» Sébastien Fanti rappelle que même morte, une personne conserve le droit à la protection de la personnalité. «Peu importe ce qu’elle a fait. On ignore dans quel état était cet homme, s’il était capable de discernement. Je doute d’ailleurs que l’autopsie ait déjà pu révéler de tels éléments.»” Drame de Belmont: Le nom du meurtrier de Chloé publié sur Facebook - Vaud & Régions -

Jul 21
“A common theme throughout the trip was if plan A failed, there were still 25 other letters in the alphabet.” Volunteers Improve Zambians’ Hearing, Assist with Training Clinicians - News Center - The University of Texas at Dallas

“Five years ago, I still was not ever telling people unless it was absolutely necessary. And now I do work it into conversation in the first five minutes or so," she says. If she needs to ask someone to repeat something, she’ll just add, "I have a hearing problem.” Hearing Aid Evolution Unveils What The World Sounds Like In ‘3-D’ : Shots - Health News : NPR

Jul 20
“Social scientists have called reproductive technologies a medical cure for a social problem. De-stigmatizing both voluntary and involuntary childlessness could broaden our definitions of human belonging.” Re-Imagining Kinship

“If medical science can now create a human embryo with donated mitochondria (and thus from three biological “parents”), to enable a woman who might otherwise transmit mitochondrial disease to bear a healthy child that is genetically hers, we may applaud the technical achievement, but we should also be asking what social good is served by bringing a child into the world in this way.” Homans also wonders why parents care so much about bearing children who are genetically “theirs” and asks: “Do we as a society really think it is better to expend resources in this way than, say, in creating social and economic justice for already born children who are living in poverty?” Re-Imagining Kinship

“Childless women feel pressure to have a big compensatory life, she says. “It’s as though if you’re not a mother, you have to become Mother Teresa. But you don’t need a big life on the outside, just on the inside.”” The no-baby boom -

“But the issue is more structural: we’re transitioning from an old social model in which women are expected to “marry up” socially or economically that runs parallel to an emerging one examined in Lisa Mundy’s The Richer Sex: How the New Majority of Female Breadwinners is Transforming Sex, Love and Family. Mundy concludes that if successful millennial women want to marry and have children, they’ll have to marry down.” The no-baby boom -

“Today’s “surplus women” are not war widows but young professional women for whom there aren’t enough suitable male partners—a phenomenon referred to in China derisively as “A1 women and D4 men.” Yet the blame invariably falls on them for being “too choosy,” a motif of the booming advice-to-female-professionals book genre, the latest being Susan Patton’s new Marry Smart: Advice for Finding THE ONE, in which the “Princeton Mom” advises women to snag their “MRS” in university as they’ll never have access to such an elite dating pool again.” The no-baby boom -

“The fact that the archetype of the most pitied and shamed woman has, in one generation, gone from single mother to single woman over 40 without children reflects fundamental societal shifts, says Day, who thinks it’s not a coincidence that the “fetishization of motherhood”—from pregnancy studio shots to the ideal birth (at home! in water! without meds!)—comes at a time of rising childlessness. “There’s so much cultural anxiety around what it means; there’s reflexive nostalgia for a simpler time: women at home and gender roles more clearly defined.” This isn’t only societal pressure; some of it comes from women recognizing the increasing precariousness of motherhood. Day likens it to propaganda used to lure women home from the workforce after the Second World War. It can be seductive, she says. “It seems such a solid identity, being a mother; being childless is fluid, nebulous: ‘What are you?’ ”” The no-baby boom -

“Now more women are willing to talk about a loss others can’t see, she says, one that forced her to confront how much of female identity is tied to motherhood. “The loss isn’t tangible, so most women feel alone, their grief compounded by the attitude that they ‘should be over it,’ ” she says. Adding to the isolation is the feeling of being “locked out of the Mommy Clubhouse,” as one blogger put it on “Women without children not only lose a future family,” says Day, “but can lose their peer group who have moved to a country called motherhood where we don’t speak the language.”” The no-baby boom -

“The fact that discussion about childlessness is framed in terms of personal choice, failure and medical infertility shuts down conversation, says Day. So do the cultural narratives of motherhood and womanhood, a spectacle Notkin calls “mom-opia”—“seeing motherhood as the only normal, natural way to be a woman.” It’s a fixation reflected in manic coverage of celebrity “baby bumps” and loss of pregnancy weight—as well as photos of stars with their kids. We see it too in Michelle Obama’s transformation from accomplished professional and activist to supermom, not only to her own kids, but to the nation—overseeing how it eats and encouraging it to exercise.” The no-baby boom -

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