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Jul 25
“So what does this tell us? If you’re supplementing iron, or consciously choosing iron-rich foods to keep your levels up (which is likely a good idea for many female athletes), you should try to time it so you’re not taking the supplements in the six hours after a hard workout. Do it earlier or later in the day, so you’re not fighting against this absorption-blocking effect.” Can a Hard Workout Block Iron Absorption? | Runner’s World

“Yes, sometimes rewards do work, especially if people really don’t want to do something. But when tasks are inherently interesting to us rewards can damage our motivation by undermining our natural talent for self-regulation.” How Rewards Can Backfire and Reduce Motivation — PsyBlog

“This is why play can become work when we get paid. The person who previously enjoyed painting pictures, weaving baskets, playing the cello or even writing blog posts, suddenly finds the task tedious once money has become involved.” How Rewards Can Backfire and Reduce Motivation — PsyBlog

“In conclusion, when control is imposed on individuals by offering them rewards and incentives, the long term effect of this will be loss in intrinsic motivation followed by a decline in performance. This is applicable in the classroom setting, in sports teams, and other environment and settings. We should be reminded that when incentives and rewards are present, we are most likely looking into a risk of losing the enjoyment of the activity for itself.”

Overjustification Effect and the Felt Tip Marker Study

AND the business world!!!

“When it comes to tasks that are undesirable or something not worthwhile, and intrinsic motivation is insufficient, this is when extrinsic rewards are safe to be introduced. Examples of such activities that individuals may not find pleasurable are household chores.” Overjustification Effect and the Felt Tip Marker Study

“However, there was no change in the interest of the group who received the reward unexpectedly since these children didn’t know about the reward until after performing the activity, and therefore attributed their behavior to an enjoyment of the activity. Coherently, those who did not receive any reward at all also did not show any change or decline in interested as a result.” Overjustification Effect and the Felt Tip Marker Study

“When money makes play into work” How Rewards Can Backfire and Reduce Motivation — PsyBlog

“Overjustification effect is manifested in cases where giving an external incentive to a person decreases his intrinsic motivation to perform the task.” Overjustification Effect and the Felt Tip Marker Study

Jul 24
“Vitamin B12 deficiency can potentially cause severe and irreversible damage, especially to the brain and nervous system. At levels only slightly lower than normal, a range of symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and poor memory may be experienced.[2]” Vitamin B12 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“When I finally got down to the ground Teddy was so tired from his ordeal that he let me pick him up and carry him all the way home without struggling. I still can’t believe I actually found him all that distance away and I’m so glad that I pushed myself to carry on looking that extra field. When we got home I took him off to the vet, who gave him a good checking over. He had a badly cut mouth and tongue, from his run in with the big ginger tom I’m guessing, but apart from that he was absolutely fine. And is now back to his naughty, cheeky self!” Simon’s Cat - Teddy Goes Missing!

“I started to look in the hedgerows, calling his name and whistling. I searched one field expecting any minute to be shouted at by an angry farmer. Then I found a gap in a hedge and decided to search one more field. At this point I almost turned back because I thought Teddy would never have gone this far! But there was something inside that pushed me on that extra little bit. So after I clawed my way through this hedge, I found myself in a wild unkempt field full of fox and badger pathways in the long grass.” Simon’s Cat - Teddy Goes Missing!

Jul 23
“Almost everything normalises. Grief, wealth, love. Eventually it will all feel normal. Don’t let the feeling of ‘normal’ hide the value of what’s in front of you.”

Thirty Things I’ve Learned — Nick Crocker — Medium


“Be genuinely curious. You can’t artificially generate curiosity, so you have to follow where yours actually leads. Curiosity ends up being the driving force behind the most interesting people.” Thirty Things I’ve Learned — Nick Crocker — Medium

“Always take the stairs. There’ll be plenty of days where you can’t, so accept the opportunity to take the stairs as a gift and make a deposit into your Future Health account.” Thirty Things I’ve Learned — Nick Crocker — Medium

Jul 22
“Sébastien Fanti met en garde: si en tant que telle la publication n’est pas «excessive», les commentaires de colère à l’égard du tueur pourraient valoir des ennuis à leurs auteurs.” Drame de Belmont: Le nom du meurtrier de Chloé publié sur Facebook - Vaud & Régions -

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